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Success Stories

No more headaches and eye strain

When Sarah started vision therapy, she was experiencing eye strain and headaches at school. The demand on her eyes in third grade was very high because the amount of reading required increased a lot from second to third grade, and the print was smaller. By the end of vision therapy, Sarah never complained of eye strain or headaches at all. She learned to use her peripheral vision to improve her overall visual perception and eliminate the heavy workload on her visual system. She told me that before vision therapy, she really only looked at things right in front of her, but after vision therapy she now sees “everything all around” her- making a large circle around herself with her arms.

No more glasses (Often)

I can do things I could not do before(control my eyes), no more eye strain, better golly, do not have to wear glasses(often), can read faster.

No more skipping lines

Since the beginning of vision therapy my reading, speed and comprehension has gotten a lot better. I don’t skip lines when reading anymore. I pay attention more in class. Before I would zone out all the time and now it is easier to pay attention all the time. I do not get headaches from eye strain or eye tiredness anymore. My hockey game has improved a large amount. My hand eye coordination is a lot better, my peripheral vision has opened up a lot, and my shot is a lot more accurate. Overall I am very pleased with the results that I have gotten from Vision Therapy.

Now Enjoys Reading

Before I started therapy I disliked reading because it took a very long time to read very little. Now finishing 28 weeks of therapy I enjoy reading. At the beginning of therapy, starting sixth grade, I read at a third grade level and now at the end of sixth grade I read at eighth grade level. Therapy has made me enjoy reading and I hope if you do therapy it will make you read fast and enjoy it too.

Reading Comprehension Success Story

We came to Dr. Spokas because my son struggled with reading comprehension and speed and he dreaded reading. By the summer before high school we felt we needed to do something different because reading tutoring was not improving the situation. Dr. Spokas’s assessment uncovered significant issues with eye movement, tracking, regression, too many fixations and too long of fixations while reading. The vision therapy Dr. Spokas gave my son has totally changed his attitude about reading. He digs into reading intensive homework with confidence since his reading level is now well above his grade level vs several grade levels below. The therapy was a commitment on his part. However Dr Spokas was so pleasant and worked so well with him that it was never a burden for him. Dr. Spokas also did progress assessments so he and I could see how the therapy was helping his reading and so she knew which other tools and methods he could benefit from. We feel very fortunate to have Dr. Spokas work with my son as this critical juncture of his academic life. Our 11 year old daughter also did therapy with Dr. Spokas. She showed no outward signs of reading struggles. The therapy increased her reading 5 grade levels and she enjoys and engages in reading with ease now.

Thank you Dr.Spokas

Vision therapy helped my 11 ½ year old daughter tremendously. Headaches and reading issues were becoming daily struggles with Advil not helping. Thank goodness a doctor realized there was an issue at a routine vision exam. Quality of life at home and at school dramatically improved and I can’t imagine how bad junior high and beyond would be had we not invested the year in vision therapy. Dr. Spokas is amazing and the team is excellent. My daughter never once complained about her sessions or having to go-in part due to the wonderful environment upstairs at Dr. Spokas’s office.

It all started in third grade

It all started in third grade, boards getting blurry, book print getting smaller, grades getting lower, head aches. Then, I moved, I thought I needed glasses so I went to another eye doctor. He did eye test and said “something is not right here, her eyes aren’t working together.” So I came to Clarendon Vision, I started eye therapy at the end of fourth grade all the way through sixth grade. When I first started, it was really hard, now I can get past almost every test. There was a lot of different therapist that were there while I was there. Some of the things I did for homework was twisting trees, hart chart, read and turn, eye movements, red and green chart, 3 dot chart and so much more. It wasn’t the most fun thing but it was worth it. My grades went up, boards clear, easier to read, everything has changed even my headaches with light therapy.

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