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Success Stories

Now my whole world is better!

Cole Graduation Cole was way behind in all subjects because reading was so hard for him. His confidence was low because he felt different than the others in his classes. No matter how much he tried, nothing changed.  Since starting VRT, he has now made the honor roll!  Because he reads so much better, he has time to play football, basketball and wrestling. On his graduation day, Cole tells us "Now my whole world is better. You've changed my life forever!" Congratulations, Cole! We are so proud of you!
Cole (age 13)

You can teach an old dog new tricks!

George Condes GraduationGeorge shares, "You can teach an old dog new tricks!" George is pleased with the many positive changes he has experienced since he started visual rehabilitation therapy.  He is especially grateful that he no longer experiences double vision when reading his children bedtime stories!

Her reading skills, her academic abilities & confidence increased 10 fold!

Jaya Khuntia Graduation Jaya's mom shares: We noticed a disconnect between Jaya's social, verbal & overall cognitive abilities.  She would attempt to sound out words, but her phonetic skills were not consistent with her understanding of how words were formed. Her amazing K teachers noticed her eyes wandering over the page, a clear inability to focus on one area. We came to Clarendon Vision after trying a few other doctors.  From the get go it was a fabulous experience!  Therapy was fun, engaging, active and age appropriate.  Her reading skills, her academic abilities, & confidence increased 10 fold!  She  how raises her hand in class, walks with her head high & has started reading chapter books.  That is because of the staff & therapists at Clarendon Vision.  
Jaya (age 6)

My MAP testing score went up 18 points!

Caden Strack GraduationAs long as I have been in school  I've had trouble with reading, math and my handwriting was bad.  My parents and I did not know what to do.  A friend recommended Clarendon Vision to us so we came in for an exam.  Then we knew that my eyes were not working right.  The doctor prescribed vision therapy.  This needs a lot of testing at the beginning for the diagnosis and then about every 8 weeks to check progress.  There is homework to be done very day but doing this helps out a lot.  The beginning is the longest part.  Once you get past a month, it's easier because you start using a chart.  Vision therapy is hard to complete but it's worth it.  Lining up numbers in math is easier.  Reading is easier.  I used to repeat words and skip lines but I no longer have this problem.  My MAP testing score went up 18 points (most people move up 3-5).  This is a large commitment and finishing is a reward.
Caden (age 11)

No longer has headaches!

Erin Graduation

As a result of therapy, Erin no longer has headaches, finds homework to be easier,

can read longer, her comprehension has increased, she feels less fatigue, and she likes school better now!

Great job, Erin! We are so proud of you!

Erin (age 13)

Congratulations Graduate!


As a result of visual rehabilitation, I can now read!

Congratulations, Joe!

Joe (age 8)

Congratulations Graduate!


We are happy with the results of vision therapy!

mia-vrt-graduate-1I've noticed Mia is able to concentrate longer on reading and close work. School work is not as tiring. Her overall coordination and gymnastics performance has improved as well. We are happy with the results of vision therapy! - Mia's Mom My name is Mia and I have dyslexia, so I went to vision therapy. I did lots of fun exercises. Now my eyes are much better and I can do lots of cool tricks with my eyes. I still have dyslexia, but my eyes have much more stamina for reading. Thank you, Miss Yanin, for helping my eyes.
Mia (age 8)

Vision therapy has helped me in so many ways!

Vision Therapy has helped me in so many ways but the biggest is my double vision.  It made it hard to read and do schoolwork.  Also, every time I rode in the car, I got nauseous and got headaches.  Reading was terrible, the words always moved on the page. At home, therapy was hard in the beginning but got more fun as time went on.  I think it was worth all of the headaches in the beginning because I am so glad to say that they have helped me.  Now I don't' have double vision and I see one of everything.  Also, I never get headaches in the car or feel nauseated.  And reading is actually fun!!
Christina (age 15)

Vision therapy has saved me from getting horrible headaches and eye strain which used to cause me to lose focus on my school work!

Vision therapy has saved me from getting horrible headaches and eye strain which used to cause me to lose focus on my school work.  Just only a couple weeks of eye therapy and I noticed that I followed directions, especially on my math tests, much more carefully.  This lead to an improvement of my grades! Vision therapy has also helped me feel much more confident while driving at night.  No more blurry street and stop lights! I would like to thank Dr. Spokas and Yanin for pushing me and giving me hope of improvement!  
College Student (age 19)

His teacher said his focus has improved, as well as concentration in the classroom! He is eager to pick up a book and try to read it!

Thank you to Clarendon Vision Development Center.  Joshua's reading has improved.  He is eager to pick up a book and try to read it.  His ability to keep his place while reading is better.  His comprehension has improved a little bit but is still a work in progress. Before vision therapy, he was clumsy, knocking over his glass always when it was filled with water or milk.  Now, he is not as clumsy as he used to be. He has greater body awareness, spacial discrimination and improvement in right-left orientation.  His teacher said during our parent-teacher conference that focus has improved as well as concentration in the classroom especially during "round-table/class group work" compared to last year. Kudos to all the staff of Clarendon Vision Development Center!   -Parent of Joshua     I can focus more and do my best work! :)    
Joshua (age 11)

My eye exercises have helped make everything easier!

Math and reading were really hard last year.  My eye exercises have made everything easier.  Words are no longer blurry when I look at the board during class.  I can now easily look from the board to my paper.  
Keira (age 7)

I did not think my handwriting directly coincided with my sight. Now...many things have become easier to do.

If you were reading this before I started eye therapy, you wouldn't be reading this because my handwriting was so illegible.   I did not think my handwriting directly coincided with my sight.  Now, completing therapy, many things have become easier to do.  Reading books and studying have become easier because my eyes don't get tired reading anymore and material actually sticks in my brain now.  Driving, especially parking, is simpler than before, along with my depth perception skills when playing basketball or volleyball.  I had a really nice time learning how to grow and maintain my eye health at therapy and am more awake and capable of using my eyes than ever before.
Alayna (college student, age 19)

Vision therapy has helped me feel like myself again, which after 3 consecutive concussions seemed impossible.

morgan-photoEveryday life has gotten a lot easier after vision therapy.  I had suffered 4 concussions in a 1 year span playing college volleyball.  As a result of my last concussion, I got post traumatic vision syndrome.  Headaches were constant, I was very sensitive to light, reading was very difficult, strained eyes, and the symptoms went on and on.  Balancing my life and managing college level work became extremely difficult.  I was told I needed vision therapy and found Clarendon Vision Development Center.  I started therapy this summer and have felt pretty amazing results after just 9 sessions.  My headaches have calmed down a lot, reading has gotten more comfortable, eye teaming and just my overall life has gotten easier.  Vision therapy has helped me feel like myself again, which after 3 consecutive concussions seemed impossible.  I'm very thankful for the progress I've made during vision therapy and I continue therapy this Fall then I go back to school.  I will no longer be playing volleyball, but I will be helping out with the team as a student assistant.  
Morgan (age 21)

Since starting therapy the headaches have mostly stopped

I started getting very painful headaches during the school days that would persist until I went to sleep at night.  It was difficult to do school work or anything fun after school, but since starting therapy the headaches have mostly stopped and  feel that I am straining my eyes less.
Angello (high school student, age 15)

It helped me read faster and it made homework easier and it made me complete homework faster.

The first time I came to therapy I didn't think it was going to help me and I didn't think it would be fun.  But after a few classes, I loved going to therapy.  It was really fun.  Also, it helped me in school.  It helped me read faster and it made homework easier and it made me complete homework faster.  Also, in sports I am more focused and more coordinated.  It also makes me see more clear.  Also, my halos are gone.
Taran (age 11)

His behavior has improved and it's obvious that he feels more confident with himself!

At the beginning of this course, we were very skeptical of vision therapy.  We did not believe that training our eyes could proper to visual, perceptual, behavioral performance changes.  We are so grateful that we continued on with the program because the effects of this experience have helped Rokas greatly.  He seems more calm, relaxed and comfortable physically.  I've noticed that his behavior has improved and it's obvious that he feels more confident with himself.  Academically, he has become a faster reader and comprehends what he has read much easier than before.  His overall understanding of materials has increased.  We are very pleased with the results that we have witnessed and we would recommend vision therapy to anyone.  Dr. Spokas and the whole staff was extremely helpful and very nice.  Thank you! --Parent of Rokas' (age 8)

I am grateful Dr. Weil recognized the problem and worked with me to find a remedy!

I am a patient of Dr. Weil.  I mentioned that at times I have double vision (back in March 2014).  Dr. recommended we try vision therapy.  She gave me a number of tests and made a diagnosis of a horizontal issue I had that caused the double vision.  Since then I have had many sessions and various practices that identified the problem.  Dr. gave me many take home practices along the journey of therapy.  Some seemed unconventional but clearly identified my problem and I began to see that I was beginning to be able to control my eyes when the double vision presented itself.  I can now identify what I need to do if I see double and the double vision has become less frequent = my far double vision has pretty much been eliminated.  I'm grateful Dr. Weil recognized the problem and worked with me to find a remedy.  Before this, I really didn't even recognize the issue I was having. --Pat (adult)

All of my teachers have seen an improvement!

Before I came to vision therapy, I had trouble with my eyes and my school work.  My mom, dad and babysitter helped me with all my work.  One day my family and I went to the eye doctor.  After my appointment, Dr. Spokas talked to my parents about vision therapy.  My parents both agreed.  On the first day of vision therapy I was excited.  Since then, I've been coming to therapy.  All of my teachers have seen a n improvement from the beginning of the year to the end.  My parents also saw improvement.  My dad was impressed that I knew what my eyes were doing.  Now I know that all the skills I learned will come in handy at school and in life. --Isabella (age 10)

Thank you, Dr. Spokas

Before vision therapy, my son had a very hard time staying focused in school and could not read for more than a few minutes at a time.  While vision therapy was a big commitment and required a lot of hard work, we feel it has really been worth the effort.  My son seems to be able to pay attention more in school, and since starting therapy, has completed 3 full chapter books completely on his own.  He is a more confident reader, and with the help of the online reading program, he is now reading faster as well. Thank you, Dr. Spokas! --Parent of Eli  (age 13)

I am thankful for the Clarendon Vision Development Center!

Hi, My name is Peter and I am 12 years old.  I started this program in October 2014 and will graduate in April 2015.  I used to have trouble reading but with the help of this program I went from reading at a 4th grade level to reading at a 10th grade level.  This alone is amazing but that is not the only thing that has improved.  I no longer get car sick, my coordination skills have gotten better, and I not longer get nauseous when I watch TV or pay video games.  This program has changed my life and my families life, and I extremely recommend this program to anyone who has been thinking about it.  I am thankful for the Clarendon Vision Development Center.

--Peter  (age 12)

Our son Peter is truly a Clarendon Vision Eye Center Success!

We knew Peter was a good student and kid, but school was sometimes a challenge for him.  He always had to work harder than others to get good results.  He soon became frustrated and lost motivation in school.  Reading at night was a struggle because he was so tired from concentrating that he would develop headaches a lot. Once he was diagnosed at CVDC, his school work became easier, his reading comprehension and fluency increased and his headaches soon disappeared.  Peter now enjoys reading at night before bed and is flying through the books on his bookshelf. We are so pleased with Peter's performance and couldn't be more grateful for the Clarendon Vision Development Center.


Parent of Peter (age 12)

My Son Doesn't Skip Lines Anymore

While reading my son does not skip lines anymore. (It happened a lot before Vision Therapy) He does not lose his place, his writing became neat and organized, his reading fluency, speed and comprehension improved tremendously. He can concentrate much better now. His memory improved a lot. He is so much more aware of his body and position in space(which helps a lot in sports). I had a very positive experience about Vision Therapy. It completely unlocked my child’s potential and made the whole learning process much, much easier for him. Thank you Dr. Monika Spokas for helping my son!

No more severe eye strain

Before vision therapy, I experienced significant eye strain-particularly when driving. My eyes would feel like it was very difficult to stay open sometimes-like it would be more comfortable to just close them instead-which is obviously quite dangerous when driving. With vision therapy, I learned how to do certain eye exercises and stretches to alleviate that feeling. Now it feels much better and I don’t experience such severe eye strain. If my eyes start to feel strained, I simply do some stretches and it helps a lot.
Kristi M.

Dramatic changes

In my senior year in high school my English grades were very low. I hated reading because I didn’t understand anything. I was concerned about college. I felt really insecure about English and my level of reading and comprehension. I have been in vision therapy program for four months twice a week. I have seen dramatic changes in my reading. I read a 350 page book in less than a week! It would have taken me months to read that before. Vision therapy is GREAT! I only wish I would have gotten it sooner.

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