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Vision and Learning Books

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  • Cook, D. When Your Child Struggles: The Myths of 20/20 Vision. Invision Press: 2004.
  • Eide, B & F. The Mislabeled child. Hyperion: 2006.
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  • Hellerstein, L. See It. Say It. Do It! HiClear Publishing: 2010.
  • Silverman, L. The Visual-Spatial Identifier- Upside Down Brilliance; DeLeon Publishing: 2002.
  • Vitale, B. Unicorns are Real. Jalmar Press: 1982.
  • Barry, S. Fixing My Gaze. Basic Books:2009
  • Hoopes, A & Applebaum, S. Eye Power: An Updated Report of Vision Therapy. BookSurge Publishing:2009
  • Press, L. Applied Concepts in Vision Therapy. OEP:2008
  • Benoit, R & J. Dear Jillian-Vision Therapy Changed My Life Too: 2013
  • Benoit, R & J. Jillians Story– How Vision Therapy Changed My Daughter’s Life: 2010
  • Eide, B & F. Dyslexic Advantage. Hudson Street Press: 2011
  • Eide, B & F. The Stealth Dyslexic


Research supporting Vision Therapy, Vision and Learning Link


Optometric Organizations

  • COVD – The College of Optometrists in Vision Development
    An international professional organization which grants board certification in Vision Therapy to optometrists.
  • AOA – The American Optometric Association
    Organization of 32,000 optometrists.
  • OEP – Optometric Extension Program Foundation
    Serving the educational needs of optometrists.
  • NORA – Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association International, Inc.
    An organization which provides direction for the visual rehabilitation of persons who have physical disabilities and/or traumatic brain injuries (TBI).