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Event: Learning Problems May Be In The Eyes! An important talk for all parents, educators, and professionals working with children.

Event Date: February 11, 07:00pm

Event Details:

Struggling child


Because 80% of all learning depends on vision, failure to develop visually appears to affect a young person’s academic performance, even his or her intelligence.


It is estimated that up to 25% of students have visual limitations that make reading and other near-work a struggle.


School screenings, which check for 20/20 eyesight, give parents a false sense of security because 20/20 eyesight is only 1 of the more than 17 visual skills needed for reading and learning.


Symptoms of Learning-Related Vision Problems include:


  • Child takes “hours” to do 20   minutes of homework.
  •  Child misses or re-reads words or lines on the page.
  •  Child must read and re-read   material in order to understand what it says.
  •  Child has short attention span when doing work that requires near vision.
  •  Child is intelligent but is working below his or her potential.
  •  Child is a class clown or misbehaves to distract attention from academic problems.
  •  Child reverses words or letters after the second grade.
  •  Child squints, rubs eyes, “hunches” over work, has headaches associated with school.

 If you said YES to more than a few of these signs, take time to learn more at this workshop!


When?      Thursday, February 11                                               

                     7:00—8:00 p.m.

Where?     Clarendon Vision Development Center

  103 Ogden Avenue                                         

  Clarendon Hills, IL

Who?          Dr. Monika Spokas                                  

         Developmental Optometrists

RSVP          Lisa Henderson    (630) 323-7300


Children with undiagnosed vision problems often develop behavior problems.  Many will avoid reading and doing homework at any cost. 


There is good news!  Treatment designed to remediate vision difficulties can help overcome these problems – improving the ability to read, to learn, to concentrate, and even to pay attention.


If vision is the problem, we have the solution!