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Event: Is it really AD(H)D or Could it be a Vision Problem?

Event Date: September 19, 06:15pm

Event Details:

         AD(H)D or could it be his vision?                          ADHD Concept. The Word of Red Color Located over Text of White Color.

Many cases of AD(H)D may include visual deficiencies that make near work extremely difficult.   If a child has true AD(H)D, the visual problem itself may be so severe that it limits the possibility of improvement.  Some mild AD(H)D cases may really be a severe vision problem.

Children with learning related vision problems often have 20/20 eyesight but have difficulties with other key visual skills. Their visual systems cannot tolerate the demands of the classroom for very long, so avoidance behaviors are common.

Because 15 out of 18 symptoms used to diagnose AD(H)D in the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual, Version IV, are also symptoms of vision related learning problems, it is recommended that all children diagnosed with or suspected of having AD(H)D receive a comprehensive vision exam by a Developmental Optometrist.



  • Attention span becomes shorter during close-up work
  • Disturbs other children in class during reading
  • Can concentrate for longer periods of times when playing computer games
  • Poor concentration when reading
  • Seems compelled to touch everything
  • Hates to read but loves being read to
  • Bumps into things, doesn’t seem aware of nearby objects
  • Often trips or falls instead of stepping over objects, steps, carpet edges or rugs
  • Continues to have problems doing near-work despite an increase in the ability to concentrate after taking medication

Learn more at this FREE talk.  This is a must attend event for every parent and professional who interact with children whose behavior and learning problems suggest the possibility of AD(H)D.

WHEN:   Monday, September 19          6:15 p.m. – 7:15 p.m.

WHERE:   Clarendon Vision Development Center, 103 Ogden Ave, Clarendon Hills, IL

Featuring:   Dr. Monika Spokas, Developmental Optometrist

FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!  Save your seat by emailing Lisa@ClarendonVision.com or call 630-323-7300

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